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A look back at 2023 ✨

25 Families Served.


7 Hospital Births

6 Home Births

1 1 WaterBirths


3 cesareans

1 Loss Supported

Thank you for the happiest year of my life. ✨

Year TWO. 🖤

These ”stats” are fun aren’t they? Fun to look at & remember.

But behind every single number there is a family. A Family who was forever changed by Birth.

There is a story.

A story like Raechel’s who longed for a vaginal birth after 3 cesareans. AND GOT IT. 🖤

A story like Taylor’s a first time mom who KNEW exactly what she wanted out of her birthing experience and just needed some encouragement when things got tough. 🖤

A story likes Sky’s who was patiently awaiting the birth of their daughter only to learn of her passing. A story of strength. A story of sadness. A story of loss. A story of LOVE. 🤍

A story like Cassie’s who showed up at her birthing location COMPLETE after saying “I better be a 6!”.

There’s a story. And their stories matter.

I love what I get to do. I love walking alongside you. I love documenting one of the biggest days of your family’s life.

Aside from Birth, I photographed a ton of families this year.

I also photographed Honor Walks, what is an honor walk you may ask? An honor walk is a walk honoring the person donating their organs after they have been determined to have no brain activity.

I want to remember this year Essence Lee & Sweet Baby David. 🤍

I want to remember Eliana Grace - born sleeping. Born beautiful. Born only ever knowing the feeling of love.

Thank you for a wonderful year. For giving me the honor of standing beside you during some of the most important, sacred and intimate times of your lives.

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