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Eliana Grace 🕊️

Eliana Grace Fellers. 🕊️

November 2nd 2023 | 11:47 Am| 6lbs 3oz| 20IN|

Eliana : “God Has Answered “

Grace : “A sense of peace beauty”.

"We regretfully inform you that there is no heartbeat.”


From the moment Sky & Dekota found out they were expecting, Eliana brought such joy to all those around. Her big brother knew she was going to be girl, before anyone else. He was sure. & he was right.


Her expectant arrival was celebrated. Gender reveal. Maternity photos. The family was in the midst of planning a baby shower - to shower not only Eliana but her mama as well.


At 4 am On November 2nd, Eliana’s mama went into labor. But this was unlike anything before. This was consistent pain that never let up. After laboring for an hour or so at home - her midwife recommended that she go straight to the hospital. They would meet her family there.


Immediately in triage an ultrasound was given. “We regretfully inform you that there is no heartbeat.” A placental abruption.


Eliana’s mama was given the OK to continue to labor naturally. And she did. For 5 more hours. Enduring the most intense physical and emotional pain . She was supported by her loving partner and family.


After those 5 hours, Sky was rushed back for an Emergency Cesarean. Where she was put under general anesthesia. They had to do at minimum 4 blood transfusions. She woke on a breathing tube, in an immediate panic. Once the tube was removed her family brought her, her beautiful daughter Eliana.

Sky & Dekota spent the next several days in the hospital spending every possible moment with Eliana. Inviting friends and family to come up and meet her. Pray over her. Sing to her. Hold her. Adore her.  I was blessed to be invited up on the day of her birth and a few days later to capture this time.


While the room was filled with mourning, it was also filled with joy. With a sense of peace. With so much love and allot of faith. Eliana’s mama sang worship music over her as she dressed her for every picture. Dekota swayed her back & forth. Dancing with his daughter.


The nurse assigned to their room accompanied the family in taking Eliana out to the garden. While it wasn’t the way Dekota & Sky imagined walking out of the hospital with their daughter - it was symbolic.  Sitting in the garden, asking God why. Asking God how. BUT, also thanking Him for this time together. Thanking God , that all Eliana ever knew was love.


2 weeks later was the date scheduled for her babyshower. But instead the family was attending a funeral service. But also a celebration. Celebration to remember Eliana.


Eliana brought a WHOLE lot of people together. She brought to joy to so many. Her passing also brought a great deal of sadness.

We remember Eliana Grace. Her beautiful brown hair. Tiny fingers. The sweet hairs on her back and shoulder. Her blue eyes. Her wild kicks in the womb and the way she brought so many people together.


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