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Kind words from those I've served.

I am so grateful for Shelby being my doula! I had my first baby this past summer and Shelby helped me have my dream birth experience at The Birth Center. She was so warm and friendly and always made me feel at ease. Her patience and support throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery of my baby girl was everything I could want and more. She will advocate for you, motivate you through your birth experience and be by your side through it all. I am so thankful to have found her and I highly recommend to have her as your doula!


On 01/13/22 I was induced. To deliver my Baby Girl Jolene Athena because she sadly passed away @ 39 weeks. Shelby was called by a local midwife & was asked if she would support me through my birth. Shelby said Yes! She was Great support though out my whole labor & after birth. Shelby took photos all though out my stay. I was able to stay relaxed & had no worries about having a hand to hold, reminds to breathe and taking photos because she was there. Shelby took beautiful photos and she was able to share my story though her eyes afterwards. I'm forever greatful Shelby was there for our family and I was recommended hiring Shelby to all expecting moms!

Jeanie M.

Shelby was so incredible. I could not have asked for better. Our family was so lucky to have her present at the birth of our little one. She helped me feel confident in every decision I made along the way and I felt like I had the best birth I could've asked for.

Kasey H.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Shelby. From the moment, even before, she became my doula, she was so supportive. Always there to respond to any questions I may have had. I had a pretty traumatic birth with my son, and she listened and help me understand what we could do differently this pregnancy. She always had different options, and advice. Never invalidating me, or my experience. She helped me stay positive and educated about every little thing. During labor Shelby stayed by mine and my partner's side. She was so encouraging when I really thought I could not do it. She comforted me, made me feel calm, and safe. And just has such a passion for what she does.  I will always recommend Shelby 1000 times over. I really could not imagine my birth without her. She was simply wonderful.

Kara S.

Shelby was present at the birthing of my most recent child. And I cannot commend her enough on her work. She was very comforting and calming. As this was my first experience in a non-hospital setting to deliver, it was great having her there to guide and comfort us. She was caring and respectful of our family time but also she was there and ready to assist in any way to help with the process of bringing a new life into this world.  When you are doing something as important, challenging, rewarding, and amazing as this your gonna want a professional in your corner helping you along the way. That professional is Shelby Springer. Shelby was amazing and I cannot express how grateful I am to have had her there and to lean on her for support.

Gina K.

My final pregnancy, Shelby started her doula journey. My labors have been tough physically and emotionally - knowing Shelby for over 10 years (and her being my main lady during one of my labors already) I knew I needed her. The professionalism, the tough love that I needed & the compassion - helped tremendously. My babe decided to come at 31 weeks, and I called Shelby to be by my side til they transported me to a different hospital. The comfort, the love & safety I felt knowing she'd put the doctors and nurses in their place because once things happened I was no longer able to speak due to my shock. The constant checking in through my NICU journey & once we got home, amazed me. i'm so thankful for having Shelby apart of my team.

Erica M.

I've been processing my home birth over the last (almost) month now. I cannot help but be in awe of how amazing my birth team was, Shelby was apart of that experience I had.
I HIGHLY recommend Shelby for your Birth Doula and photography needs. She was amazing!
A bit of a back story- my husband wasn’t a fan of having a birth photographer in a very vulnerable moment of our lives, as we welcomed our baby girl earthside. After having our daughter, my husband immediately said we’d have Shelby do it all over again. We didn’t even notice that she was taking photos and capturing those beautiful moments that, I personally, would need to process and reflect on how beautiful of an experience our home birth was.
It was nothing shy of intimate and beautiful and I’m so thankful that Shelby captured those moments for us

Andrea K

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