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Hi! Hey, Hello! I’m Shelby. 
I am a Birth Doula & Photographer (Birth, Family, Parenthood) in central Illinois. I have always been passionate about Birth and the power our bodies have to literally transform. 🥹 My goal as a Doula with the families I serve is that they always feel informed and in control over their birth and bodies. “But Shelby, you can’t control Birth!” You are so right. But with education comes the power to make informed decisions over you and your body. There’s a difference between “I had to be induced VS I chose to be induced” but we’ll talk more about that later! 
I’ve been passionate about photography for years. But I think my passion really blossomed a few years after my grandfather passed away. As I sorted through THOUSANDS of photos - I found a total of TWO of us together and very few of him in general! Why? Because he was always behind the camera. From Videos of every single childhood Christmas morning and music program to just every day things - he never missed a moment. Big shoes to fill, but I try! I’d love the opportunity to document what means the most to you. 
When I’m not supporting a family or documenting one - I am raising mine. I am a wife & a mother of 4 beautiful babes. We’re a blended family & man do our kids keep things FUN. 🙃 I love hiking, reading a good book or a indulging in a large iced coffee. I love Jesus and ALL people. I’ll say that again incase there’s any confusion, ALL people. I can’t say what’s safe, but I truly hope you feel safe here.

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