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Protecting Your Birth Space - Through Who's Invited.. And Who Stays.

Being present at your birth is a privilege.

It’s a privilege for your nurse, Doctor, Midwife, Doula, Photographer, SPOUSE, friend and yes even your mother.

And if your support team doesn’t recognize the true honor it is to be invited into your birth space, I would reconsider them.

You are not obligated to invite anyone. That’s exactly what it is - an invitation. & with any other invitation you have a right to change your mind.

You have a right to fire your doctor.

You have a right to ask for a new nurse.

You have a right to ask your photographer to turn their camera off.

You have a right to ask your Doula to leave.

To tell your mother to get the heck out.

To tell your partner to shut up because they aren’t funny anymore.

Birth is one of the most (if not the MOST) vulnerable times of your life. It’s beautiful, yes. But you are exposed. Naked. (Sometimes) scared. You are in the most primal state you will probably ever be in.

Who you choose to be present at your birth matters. But in the event you change your mind - that matters too.

You have a right to ask anyone and everyone to leave your birth space.

As your mother, friend, partner, SUPPORT PERSON it is their role to support you through your choices… like leaving if asked.

And as birth workers it is our JOB to protect your birthing space by leaving.

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