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Meet The Doulas Night - July 2024

Updated: Jun 11

So you just found out you're pregnant. You know you want a Doula, but which one? There are a ton to choose from. Various training backgrounds, personalities and additional services offered can all impact your final decision of who you choose to have present at your birth.

What if I told you there was an evening where multiple diverse Doulas got together in one place so you could come and meet them all. A place where you could come learn "What even is a Doula?" or "Is a Doula right for me?"

I have just the event for you.

Meet The Doulas Night!

We will have approximately 20 different Doulas present all ready to meet YOU - The community they serve.

Doulas! Doulas! Doulas!

Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Fertility Doulas.

Birth Photographers, Birth Videographers, Placenta Encapsulators.

Lactation Specialist, Baby wearing experts, Bereavement Doulas.

Did someone say Doulas?

This event is open and FREE to the public. We hope this is an evening of community, education and laughter.

Shelby Springer, McKenzie Beer & Lindsay Ford  have teamed with the Birth Center of Bloomington Normal to ensure a safe environment for all those who attend.

This event will be open house style. Welcoming to all.

Okay, we get it - there will be LOTS Of Doulas. So when is it?

Great Question.

The Bloomington - Normal Meet The Doulas Night will be on July 12th 2024 from 5:30-7PM. It will be held at the Birth Center Of Bloomington Normal. There will be light refreshments provided. A few giveaways.

If you are a Doula Serving Central Illinois and would like to sign up to be attend please head over here.  

Can't wait to see you there.

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