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A Redemptive Birth Story

A Redemptive Birth Story| Told by the Mama.

Juniper Rayne Bleyle | December 19, 2022 7:06pm


41weeks 6days

I went in Monday at 8:30 am for my appointment.

Got there to find out the midwife i was suppose to see was sick and was out. They had to call in another midwife. She wasn’t getting there until 11:30.

So they did a non stress test. Baby was perfect. Was having some contractions. Nothing crazy.

I had a meltdown in the lobby and one of my favorite girls was there to calm me and help me out. Thank you🖤

They made me the midwives brew and I got that down for the most part.

Had me come back at 11:30 to see Amy the midwife.

Amy was and always is wonderful. She was so positive and confident I was having this baby before my “risk out” date.

She did a sweep and checked me. I was at a 2/3 and 75% effaced. That was the only check I had this entire pregnancy.

We were going to run home for Milas bag and then head back to stay at a hotel so we were close.

At like 2:30/3 I woke up in the car on the way home to go pee. Contractions started and we turned around and headed back.

Called my Midwife and went to see her. She said she wasn’t even going to go home she was just stay there because I was having this baby tonight. Wen and got a hotel room.

Checked in and by 4:30-5 I had some intense contractions. Stephen called her at 5:30 and she said come at 6 unless I couldn’t wait. We got ready and headed over right before 6. (it was right across the street from the birth center) by 7:06 pm I had her.

A whopping 9lb 3oz 21-1/2 inch long.

My water didn’t break either so I got to feel my bag of waters as I was pushing (or really my body was just doing it intuitively. I can’t even explain that feeling)

My mom and Mila got there right as I was pushing. Mila was ok a little worried with the noise and I remember turning to her and saying mommy is alright in between pushes and she smiled.

It was literally magical.

Our little Juniper Rayne was born peacefully in the water surrounded by supportive staff and family.

So thankful for all the staff at Birth Center of Bloomington Normal, especially those who were there for Junis birth, Amy the midwife, Emma, and Jamie. You all are amazing humans and the best support. Also to Shelby Springer Birth Doula & Photography Services thank you so much for coming and doing photos but going above and beyond with your support as well. You are also such a wonderful human.

This was a wild ride. It was mentally challenging some days but it was all worth it.

Feeling blessed beyond belief.

This birth was everything I hoped and prayed for.

No interventions. Natural. Peaceful. Intuitive. Surrounded by the best support & all the love.

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