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#1 Advice from a Central Illinois Doula

I get asked all the time.

"Shelby, You attend tons of Births! You've given birth a time or two (3 actually), If you could only give people ONE advice when it pertains to Pregnancy, Birth AND Postpartum what would it be?"

You would think this would be a hard question... I mean right?! ONE thing?! That's it? I'm supposed to give ONE piece of advice to cover all of pregnancy, birth AND Postpartum - No way! Am I right?

It's easy.

Your Provider freaking matters. They matter. Who you choose to walk through your pregnancy, birth AND postpartum with matters.

You can do all the research & preparation. You can be READY for birth. But if your provider is not behind you - you are walking into a battle field. Scary, I know.

So. Find a provider who listens. One who takes the time to listen to all of your wants, desires and needs. Find a provider who cares about how during your last birth you were "Forced" to give birth on your back and how that made you feel. Find a provider who aligns with your needs and wants. One that supports and is educated in the type of Birth you desire. If you want a cesarean - you need to hire a GREAT surgeon. If you want an unmedicated, 0 intervention vaginal birth - you should have a provider who LOVES that for you and understands what that entails.

Your provider is who is going to check in with you postpartum. At least they should be. One little 6 weeks appointment postpartum is NOT enough - find a provider who recognizes this.

Find a provider who cares. Who loves. Who listens. Who makes you feel safe and heard. Because when it all comes down to it - during birth we all want to be safe, heard and respected.

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